Sunday, March 31, 2019

Trip to Izmir and Çeşme, Best holidays summer place - Turkey

Casme Turkey, one of the best summer holiday resort town west of Izmir. I got one holiday from my office, combining saturday and a Sunday in a row made it three, sufficient for a road trip to Cesme. I already had a fair idea using google maps about the duration of journey and the route. Some extra amount of information was passed by local friends.
The most important out of those were, "If you wanna attend office on Tuesday, better leave Cesme on Monday morning". My means of transport was car driven by myself.

I have shown my route plan in following map mentioning the stopovers etc.

Yellow highlighted in this route were my stopovers with exception of Istanbul. Istanbul was my starting point. On average, its 6 hours drive exluding your stopovers with a maintained and allowed ground speed of 120 km/h.

I planned one stopover but not place specific. Thought to stop where i start to feel tired and possibly enjoy my lunch.

So that happened to be a place called Susurluk. I just stopped at a place by looking at the amount of visitors and cars at its parking.

It helped me deciding where to stop at first thought.

The name of that restaurant was "Yusuf Köfteci Susurluk".

I would highly recommend this place for lunch or breakfast.

Here is the link to the place on maps.

Yusuf Kofteci

I took me two hours of drive from Istanbul to this place. The route from Istanbul to Susurluk was awesome. Natural landscape during my journey was amazing.

Osman Ghzi bridge, one of the longest bridges in Turkey not only in terms of its length in kilometers, its giant structure as well and expensive toll rate too.

Before reaching this Susurluk, i crossed one of the major city of Turkey called Bursa. I bypassed it staying on highway. Since the landscape was green hilly and wavy, I learnt another aspect of road engineering in Turkey. They built tunnels instead of climbing roads on hills and the descending. Again, it was a very good experience of my driving point of view.

Next place to hit was now Izmir. finally after 3.5 hours of drive i reached Izmir. I did not stopped here as according to my plan, i had to make a stopover of 3 hours at Izmir. I continued heading towards Çeşme my final trip destination.

So here you go Çeşme. Finally i reached the resort where i already had booking for two days. This resort was 50 mins from Izmir city. Now i am going to paste some of the pictures of my resort and place.

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