Saturday, March 9, 2019

Kizkulesi or Maiden Tower, Uskudar, Istanbul. Turkey

Kizkulesi is near the area of Salacak within district of Üsküdar, Kizkulesi tower is located exatcly in  the Bosphorus. It is also known as Maiden Tower among local people and the tourists who known history of Istanbul.

Maiden Tower, uskudar - Istanbul
I visited this place today and learned about the Tower history. Details of this tower can be found on internet. It is said that the Ottoman emperor build this tower specially for his daughter who was protected here from the fear of her death at the age of 18 by a snake bite. So from defense point of view, she was kept in Maiden Tower surrounded by water from all sides.

It is said that eventually she was killed by a snake bite which was found in her meal basket. Sad indeed!

Today its the main focus of tourists from around the world.

Its easy to get to the maiden tower. All you need to get to the Uskudar and get to the ticket counter of a fairy which can take you to the tower.

I have mentioned exact location of the ticket counter in this post.

All you need is to get to the counter and obtain your ticket.

It costs around 25 TRY ticket approximately.

Ticket Counter, Maiden Tower, Uskudar. Istanbul

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