Friday, February 22, 2019

Istanbul New Airport - Why Istanbul New airport is not fully operational till March 2019

While my plane was approaching Istanbul early September 2018, Ataturk airport, i heard a small announcement saying that "New Istanbul Airport is going to be inaugurated and operational from 28th of October 2018".
I immediately thought that my next flight would land or depart from new Istanbul airport which i heard far on north west side of Istanbul.

New Istanbul Airport - on Map

 i traveled next time in December 2018, my flight was through Ataturk airport again. It gave me fair idea that the airport is still not operational. So i decided to visit the New Istanbul airport myself because my this time i was clearly able to see sign boards of new Istanbul airport on roads.

I followed sign boards and traveled till new Istanbul airport. It really was far away from Ataturk airport from the place i was living in Istanbul.
When i reached airport area i became sure of one thing, airport was still under construction. Please note that i visited New Istanbul Airport on 2nd January 2019.

New Istanbul Airport operational and construction side

As i approached airport closer it starts casting new impression that some part of this airport is operational. I can see movement and sounds of jets and passengers arriving and departing from and to the New Istanbul airport. On inquiring, i came to know that the airport is only operational for local flights.

Now i was at the departing area of airport which gave me immense please that the New Istanbul Airport is going to be exactly the same as i heard about it. This airport will be second huge airport in the world and act like hub from and to Europe and Asia.

To my experience, if you hire a taxi from new Istanbul Airport to any famous tourist area (described in one of my post) where hotels, restaurants and historical places are located. It would easily cost you around 90 TRY (Turkish Lira) which is 17 USD approx.

An update recently got from an authentic source that opening date of Istanbul new airport is 5th April 2019

Screenshot Taken from Turkish Airlines Official Website

New Istanbul Airport- Departure Area

New Istanbul Airport- Departure Area - Closer look

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