Sunday, December 30, 2018

My First Visit Abroad - Istanbul, Turkey

I have never been abroad in my life till September 2015. The first country i visited in my life was Turkey and its city Istanbul. It was an official trip. I was made visit to Istanbul for an important piece of work from my office. The duration of my stay was two weeks.

In my entire visit, i was only able to see few places in Istanbul which every tourist would like to visit and see. Blue mosque, a ride on fairy over Bosporus, area of Sultan Ahmet etc.

The only familiarity to the areas i got in 2015 trip to Istanbul was the surroundings of my Hotel where i was staying, Radisson Blu Atasehir and the way to my office.

In Oct 2016, i happened to visit Istanbul again for on an official visit for three weeks. This time explored more places.

In April 2017, i visited Istanbul again back and forth frequently for two weeks span each time on project which then became reason of my long term stay in Istanbul from April 2018 till March 2019.

2017 created the opportunity for me to explore Istanbul more in terms of places, food and restaurants, shopping malls, sea sides etc.

Finally comes 2018 and i am invited in Istanbul for 1 year assignment from my company. In my upcoming post, i have tried to enclose my 2018 experiences briefly from tourists point of view in separate posts for all those readers who wanted to visit Turkey and have never been here before.

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