Sunday, March 31, 2019

Trip to Izmir and Çeşme, Best holidays summer place - Turkey

Casme Turkey, one of the best summer holiday resort town west of Izmir. I got one holiday from my office, combining saturday and a Sunday in a row made it three, sufficient for a road trip to Cesme. I already had a fair idea using google maps about the duration of journey and the route. Some extra amount of information was passed by local friends.
The most important out of those were, "If you wanna attend office on Tuesday, better leave Cesme on Monday morning". My means of transport was car driven by myself.

I have shown my route plan in following map mentioning the stopovers etc.

Yellow highlighted in this route were my stopovers with exception of Istanbul. Istanbul was my starting point. On average, its 6 hours drive exluding your stopovers with a maintained and allowed ground speed of 120 km/h.

I planned one stopover but not place specific. Thought to stop where i start to feel tired and possibly enjoy my lunch.

So that happened to be a place called Susurluk. I just stopped at a place by looking at the amount of visitors and cars at its parking.

It helped me deciding where to stop at first thought.

The name of that restaurant was "Yusuf Köfteci Susurluk".

I would highly recommend this place for lunch or breakfast.

Here is the link to the place on maps.

Yusuf Kofteci

I took me two hours of drive from Istanbul to this place. The route from Istanbul to Susurluk was awesome. Natural landscape during my journey was amazing.

Osman Ghzi bridge, one of the longest bridges in Turkey not only in terms of its length in kilometers, its giant structure as well and expensive toll rate too.

Before reaching this Susurluk, i crossed one of the major city of Turkey called Bursa. I bypassed it staying on highway. Since the landscape was green hilly and wavy, I learnt another aspect of road engineering in Turkey. They built tunnels instead of climbing roads on hills and the descending. Again, it was a very good experience of my driving point of view.

Next place to hit was now Izmir. finally after 3.5 hours of drive i reached Izmir. I did not stopped here as according to my plan, i had to make a stopover of 3 hours at Izmir. I continued heading towards Çeşme my final trip destination.

So here you go Çeşme. Finally i reached the resort where i already had booking for two days. This resort was 50 mins from Izmir city. Now i am going to paste some of the pictures of my resort and place.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Why Borek is most liked edible dish in Istanbul Turkey

Börek is most liked traditional edible dishe that is enjoyed widely today throughout Turkey, specially among tourists. It is kind of a pastry prepared with different recipes keeping traditional ingredients that are; Cheese and small amount of sweet and salt.

There are different kinds of Borek available in Istanbul restaurants and made at home too. Some of them are

  • Kol Böreği
  • Gul Böreği
  • Su Böreği
  • Boşnak Böreği
Each of them slightly different in taste but essence of deliciousness remains same.

Istanbul Borek

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Kizkulesi or Maiden Tower, Uskudar, Istanbul. Turkey

Kizkulesi is near the area of Salacak within district of Üsküdar, Kizkulesi tower is located exatcly in  the Bosphorus. It is also known as Maiden Tower among local people and the tourists who known history of Istanbul.

Maiden Tower, uskudar - Istanbul
I visited this place today and learned about the Tower history. Details of this tower can be found on internet. It is said that the Ottoman emperor build this tower specially for his daughter who was protected here from the fear of her death at the age of 18 by a snake bite. So from defense point of view, she was kept in Maiden Tower surrounded by water from all sides.

It is said that eventually she was killed by a snake bite which was found in her meal basket. Sad indeed!

Today its the main focus of tourists from around the world.

Its easy to get to the maiden tower. All you need to get to the Uskudar and get to the ticket counter of a fairy which can take you to the tower.

I have mentioned exact location of the ticket counter in this post.

All you need is to get to the counter and obtain your ticket.

It costs around 25 TRY ticket approximately.

Ticket Counter, Maiden Tower, Uskudar. Istanbul

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Shopping Malls of Istanbul, Turkey

During my stay in Istanbul, I have been to many places for shopping and immediate place for shopping comes in our mind is shopping mall, of course.

If you are in Istanbul and you plan to Go shopping then i have some suggestion for you which surely would amuse you and the time you spent while shopping eating and roaming will be interesting and fun.

Top 10 Shopping malls of Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Istinye Park
  • Viaport Marina
  • Emaar Square
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Watergarden Istanbul
  • Palladium Mall
  • Akasya Mall
  • CanPark Mall
  • Akyaka Park
  • Istanbul Mall
Above list of shopping malls are not sequenced from best to worse.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Küçük Çamlıca Radio-TV Tower, Istanbul

Istanbul Asian side overlooking the Bosphorus, including 360 degree terraces.
Visitors from outside Istanbul and locals will be able to see all parts of Istanbul from these viewing terraces. It would be taller than  France's Eiffel tower.
I have tried to capture from my phone camera, one the awesome view from my apartment window.

It is likely to open for visitors in June 2019. But again, there is no confirm news like Istanbul New Airport.

New Istanbul TV tower with panoramic view to open in June

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge - View Under the bridge, Istanbul

It was great experience when i dined out with my friends to a fine dine restaurant in Istanbul, Asian side at Bosporus called Lacivert bar. The restaurant was good with awesome ambiance. however i will not much describe this restaurant, but the view under the FSM (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) bridge as this place is exactly located under this bridge.

Down Side 0 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

European Side, Istanbul

Lacivert - The Restaurant

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Turkey Showing Solidarity to Pakistan on their Military Victory Against India

Finally last night i witnessed Turkey showing solidarity with Pakistan on its Military Victory on Indian shooting down their two IAF MIG fighter planes.
On top of everything, world witnessed that the Pakistan Army arrested Indian fighter pilot, which was said to be a cherry on the cake.

Bridge in Istanbul turned Green from Red on Pakistan Military Victory
The bond between two nations / countries seems more than conventional diplomatic relations. Following statements from news shows how close two nations are:

"Indians should not forget that we are more than two countries"

"Turkey, Pakistan ties are 'an alliance forged in steel"

Neither Pakistan and Turkey shares any border with each other geographically nor their skin, facial cuts looks like each other. The only relation that makes true sense between two nations on religion lines.